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Sarah Burrell Inclusion

We are inclusion specialists. We equip organisations with the tools, awareness, knowledge, and insight needed to enable them to practice inclusive leadership and implement inclusive processes, utilising a holistic approach to respect, value and embrace difference. Collaborating with clients to facilitate equity, inclusive growth, and cultural transformation, enabling true psychological safety, and empowering every individual to thrive as their most authentic selves.

Sarah Burrell Inclusion provides a comprehensive range of services to facilitate inclusive cultural change to your organisation. Our services include:

  • Workshops focused on facilitating solutions to day-to-day challenges surrounding inclusion.

  • Masterclasses focused on finding context-driven strategic solutions to your organisational. These are available in modular format.

  • Consultancy & Facilitation A hands on approach and truly collaborative venture to work on specific challenges, facilitating inclusive growth and cultural transformation.

  • Speaking offered on a variety of topics, from understanding intersectionality to organisational cultural transformation.

SBi’s approach is truly unique. We work with our clients throughout service delivery as this produces optimal results for individuals, teams, and organisations. Context and cultural relevance help guide proactive engagement and deliver systemic change from the inside out.

Kinverse and SBi offer truly complimentary services, they sit very well together. Kinverse offers the comprehensive data analysis, and SBi offers ways to use that data to effectively identify issues, and collaborate with clients to provide solutions to fit, facilitating inclusive growth, aligned with the unique values, vision and mission of the organisation.

Sarah Burrell Inclusion

+44 (0) 7874 268 157

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