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Forces Transition Group (FTG)

The Forces Transition Group (FTG) supports different groups involved in the veteran community. The FTG Is an extension to the family life that current serving, those just leaving, veterans, and the spouses and partners of those already mentioned. They provide a host of instrumental services, which include:

  • The art of CV writing – demilitarising and civilianising the CV

  • Networking Masterclass – how to communicate with non-military stakeholders

  • CPD Alignment – continuation training for the civilian world

  • Elevation and Interview Technique – how to “pitch yourself” and interview

  • Financial Planning – Specialist financial advice for those that do, or have served and their families

Forces Transition Group also support employers in two ways. Firstly, if you have veterans or people in the reserves within your company, we offer them the same advice and guidance as above. Secondly, we have a number of offerings in which we can provide access to a very targeted and highly qualified cohort of soon to be service leavers and veterans. Our events and dedicated websites enable us to attract the very best. The broad range of capabilities and skills is unparalleled given our continued support for spouses and partners, as well as all of the blue light and veteran community.

The ethics and ethos that Kinverse stands for is very much aligned with our own “Serve well, Leave well, and Flourish”. Removing the bias that sometimes comes when people look at veterans is crucial to the success of the overall programme.

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