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Diversity in Recruitment

Jo has a twenty-year+ career in the Recruitment Industry behind her and has developed strategic D&I and Social Mobility programmes that build and improve recruitment agency culture, engage employees, attract underrepresented talent, and make businesses better places to work and partner with. She founded Diversity in Recruitment because of her absolute drive to get D&I on the agenda of recruitment teams, no matter what their size and capacity - Jo believes that recruiters can influence and lead real change.

We help recruitment teams get to grips with diversity and inclusion. Through training and advice, we give recruiters the insight, tools and confidence to attract diverse talent, recruit inclusively, secure better business and confidently partner with their clients and hiring managers.

Kinverse share our purpose – we both believe that EVERYBODY has a right to a fulfilling and successful career, the recruitment process should be accessible to EVERYONE and we should be creating an environment where every person is welcome and has the equal and equitable opportunity to secure great work.

A candidate’s identity, background and circumstances should NEVER be the reason they doesn’t get a job, a promotion or the pay they deserve, we believe that Kinverse is creating a platform to authentically support a recruitment environment free from bias, discrimination, and prejudice.

Diversity in Recruitment

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