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Diversely is a female founded Diversity & Inclusion software solution headquartered in the UK and operating globally. We help businesses, both recruitment agency and direct hiring, to increase the diversity of their talent pipeline beyond just gender, across 6 (optional) elements of diversity. We equip hiring teams with scalable AI driven Inclusive Recruitment tools that deliver accountability and demonstrable data driven results and reports.

Diversely offers a D&I approach, tools and data to deliver on your diversity agenda. Our CMA workshop approach can support you to ensure everyone is on board with your D&I recruitment agenda, to ensure adoption and diversity success. Using three Inclusive Recruitment tools means you can remove bias and deliver a meaningful applicant experience, across your job advert, job posting through to screening applicants. Customise your Diversity Dashboard to understand, measure and track your D&I analytics across as many elements as you wish and report your progress.

Kinverse’s D&I audit is an essential starting point for organisations to understand the diversity of their workforce and the level of inclusion experienced (and reported) by their employees, in order to identify and focus priority improvements within the business. Diversely’s AI tools and dashboard pick up where Kinverse ends, helping to increase the diversity of organisations talent pipeline and reporting on the diversity of talent entering the funnel through self-disclosure, supplemented by AI driven data.


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