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Denise Farquharson Coaching

I have always had a passion to see individuals and teams strive to be better.

My work in multiple sectors has seen that transformation repeatedly.

Maximising one’s emotional intelligence is the sought-after power skill that is changing workers’ potential, their performance and ultimately their productivity.

Your talent needs more than a strategic plan or a task list to complete your programmes and projects. It requires strong emotional intelligence as an asset to their personal development:

Denise Farquharson Coaching understands that getting the right people into your company and nurturing them to deliver effectively, requires a combination of skills.

Every company wants to succeed in their systems, processes and people, and I help you bring all three together.

  • ECR 360 scientific assessments

  • Development plans

  • Solution focusing coaching approach

  • Bespoke coaching strategies for success.

My partnering with Kinverse is a great opportunity to support the passion to assess, attract and retain the best talent. The exceptional results you’ll receive from them plus working with me will:

  • Enhance your recruitment vision

  • Support your awareness of the gaps and the emotional intelligence traits that need support

  • Help you to engage with the feedback and provide the development needed to carry out the next strategic steps.

Denise Farquharson Coaching

+44 (0) 7760 194 626

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