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Career Agility

As Founder and CEO of CareerAgility®LLC, I have spent my career advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion. As a woman in business, I have come face-to-face with the biases and the many variations of the limitations professional women and people of colour continue to experience. I believe inclusion is the DNA of an organization. It is a business imperative for companies to maintain their competitive advantages.

CareerAgility takes an integrated approach for evaluating a company’s culture, workplace systems, organizational alignment and employee perception all of which directly impacts diversity and inclusion. Our data-driven process provides clients with actionable recommendations required for building a strategy tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Our multi-discipline team consists of data scientists, organizational development and change management experts as well as learning and development professionals. Implementing complex change and one of our specialties.

The combination of Kinverse’s talent management software platform and CareerAgility’s assessment and implementation process provides clients with integrated solution to build and sustain an diverse and inclusive work environment.

Kinverse’s software is built upon DEI principles offers a unique solution to talent management. CareerAgility’s areas of expertise in DEI and organizational development and change management provides clients a seamless integration of Kinverse’s into our clients’ business process.

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