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Understand your employees. 

Create a loyal workforce.


Employee attrition is a costly affair. The hiring process is time-consuming, and open positions put pressure on team members. Worst of all, a high attrition rate can create a bad reputation for your company.

With Kinverse Retain, sit back and watch employee loyalty increase and attrition decrease. Tailored L&D plans and custom-fit comp & bens programmes ensure a smooth transition into your organisation and a means to show the employees their contribution is valued.  

A focus on employee growth is a plan for success.

A comprehensive training and development plan is an essential part of an employee's journey to growth and success.

Kinverse Retain links the recruitment process to the employee journey. Employee's strengths and weaknesses are compared to the role requirements highlighting areas for development to support the employee in making the next step in their career. A defined training and development plan that steers an employee's career trajectory.


Custom-fit compensation and benefits to your workforce.

Recognise employee efforts with the right compensation and benefits packages, tailored to your workforce.

Kinverse Retain enables you to understand the employee footprint and how that translates to compensation and benefits. Deliver programmes that are tailored to your workforce. Keep employees engaged, motivated and loyal to your company.


An Employee Value Proposition to shout about.

Show commitment to your employees with training programmes that boost their career, and compensation and benefits packages that really make a difference to your employee's lives.

Make your workplace one they want to shout about.



Dynamic functionality delivering an awesome user experience.

Question Library

Use the library of pre-defined questions to match job progression to skills requiring development. 

Visualise Employees 

Easily compare employees with skills and experience required for promotion. 

Structured Appraisals

The employee assessment report pinpoints focal areas for training plans.

Conveniently Comprehensive 

Create assessments, review candidates and access reporting all via your dashboard.

Safe & Secure 

Architecture and data security are safeguarded with all the latest controls in place. 

Intuitive to Use

Easy to use with step by step guidance across the platform for you and the candidate.

Flexible & Scalable

A platform to grow with you. Immediately increase licences from a single user to 100,000. 

Mobility Friendly

Optimised for all devices. Works on the go for you and your candidates. 

Seamless Integration 

Native integration with HR systems, eg your ATS, delivers a user-friendly experience.

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