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Kinverse is expanding into the US and delighted to announce its partnership with CareerAgility®

Removing bias and level the playing field for all.

Here at Kinverse, we have massive goals that we would like to achieve. Our mission (which we have chosen to accept whole heartedly!) is to identify and remove bias from the recruitment and retention of employees, and level the playing field so that everyone in the organisation has an equal and equitable opportunity to grow and be successful in their careers.

We know the only way to achieve our mission is to work with like-minded partners that are specialists in their respective fields. There are so many organisations out there committed to making a change, but it will take a combination of multiple areas of expertise to successfully address the systemic issues causing inequality and inequity in the workplace.

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Julia Geisman and her team at CareerAgility® based in Boston, to support our US clients during the implementation phase of Kinverse’s comprehensive talent management solution. CareerAgility®’s expertise in building inclusive workplaces, change management, implementation strategies and organisational development complements Kinverse’s commitment to sustained change.

You can find out more about CareerAgility® by, going to our “Partners” page.

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