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Kinverse is delighted to be partnering with mpm included

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Moving the dial on diversity, equity and inclusion.

It goes without saying that there's a lot of momentum and focus on DE&I. Beyond it being morally the right thing to do, there are also many and varied organisational benefits that come from a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment with staff who feel that they belong. It's never been more critical for organisations to champion diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion, but realising it is far from easy, and the most common challenges that companies face are identifying the right things to do and where and how to start.

That's why our partnership with mpm included is so important.

mpm included is a newly launched service from an experienced specialist employment law firm that provides a one-stop shop to guide companies through their inclusion and diversity journey. The journey is all-encompassing across the employee lifecycle and incorporates identifying the key issues, building a strategy and preparing a data-centric plan to implement and underpin the approach.

Data is where Kinverse comes in! Our DE&I audit capabilities evidence and measure the organisation's assumptions around diversity and inclusion compared to the statistical reality and the employee experience. This, coupled with extensive analytics into the diversity footprint of the workforce and working environment, provides the starting point and the benchmark to monitor performance against the targets defined in partnership between your business and mpm included.

Sarah Wilder, employment lawyer extraordinaire, created and is leading the charge on mpm included. We are very excited to be working with someone who has such enthusiasm, drive and passion…and we are looking forward to playing our part in changing the world!

You can learn more about mpm included as well as download an infographic that outlines the mpm included approach to inclusion and diversity.

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