Measure, evidence, monitor, and improve D&I across the organisation with the Kinverse platform

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There are many proven benefits for future-focused organisations that place equity, diversity and inclusivity on the agenda. Attracting and retaining the best talent, increased innovation, higher productivity levels and improved profitability all feature.

Helping you in this journey, the Kinverse D&I Assessment establishes a baseline to demonstrate where your organisation is now, with the tools to identify risk areas, prioritise initiatives, monitor progress, track change and benchmark performance against targets.


Start your D&I journey with Kinverse.

Insight into diversity

Accessing diversity data across the organisation is a common challenge. Incomplete information from disparate sources does not give the true picture. 

The Kinverse platform gathers data from employees through a genuinely anonymous process, with safeguards in place to protect identity, and an experience designed to maximise data capture.  

You get comprehensive analysis and insight into your workforce and their protected characteristics, with drill-down capabilities into diversity representation across pay, job levels, departments and all steps in the employee lifecycle from recruitment, retention, attrition, development to advancement.

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Map and visualise inclusivity   

Understanding and measuring inclusivity is a major headache for organisations. 

The Kinverse D&I Assessment will map your employees' perspective of inclusivity against your target position. A key feature that enables companies to understand the organisation's assumptions around inclusion, compared to the employee experience.


Pinpoint the areas of concern and monitor. Delve into specific issues, processes or functions to benchmark and measure change over specified time periods.

Ensure employee trust

Your employees play a key part in your D&I journey but unless they feel safe in voicing their opinions, they won't share. 

The Kinverse platform provides a psychological safe space for your employees to voice their opinions without fear of recrimination.  

With Kinsverse, delve into the employees perspective, understand diversity from their standpoint and the barriers faced when it comes to inclusion and belonging.

Engagement is paramount and the Kinverse platform and Assessment process is designed to provide feedback direct to the employees on progress.

A helping hand

Knowing where to start and the questions to ask to understand what inclusion could and should look like is a challenge.

To make this difficult journey easier, the Kinverse platform provides pre-canned audit templates, so you know how to gather the information from your employees to understand diversity and inclusivity.

As your picture of inclusion grows and further insight is needed, you can customise the templates for your specific requirements. 


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