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The Kinverse Platform was born from witnessing the unfairness and time-consuming approaches used across recruitment and HR. Rather than trying to improve existing ways of working, we started from a new, different position. That position was that selection should be unbiased. It should be based on an individual's strengths and capabilities. Bias should be identified, whether it is conscious or unconscious, and removed from the process. From there we created a platform that manages the process of attracting and retaining talent in a fair, transparent, efficient and insightful way.

We believe in fairness and that any form of discrimination is wrong. We appreciate the value that a diverse workforce and their different perspectives can bring to an organisation and seek to promote it through our technology, company and wider network.

The Kinsverse also represents our eco-system and community, encompassing technology, tools and partners. Within the Kinverse is MyKinsverse. Whether you are a candidate, a recruiter, work within HR, or are a hiring manager, MyKinverse is where you manage your information and data.

Who is KINSMAN Technologies?

Kinverse is a trading name for Kinsman Technologies Ltd. The name Kinsman is in reverence to the Empire Kinsman, a decorated World War II merchant ship. The crew came from far and wide and was recognised for their bravery. The Captain of the Empire Kinsman, Thomas David Lewis OBE, is the grandfather of our CEO Robert Dagge. We admire the integrity and loyalty of the crew, which was as diverse as you can get. These are values that we work hard to reflect in our organisation. Empire Kinsman - we salute you!

However, we recognise that Kinsman is gender-specific and could be considered derisive when it comes to the D&I arena. Therefore, we have chosen to operate under the banner of Kinverse, which encapsulates our all-inclusive approach to the workforce.



Treat our employees, customers and partners with the respect and fairness that we expect to receive.


Bring honesty to our interactions and maintain the standards laid out by the company.


Strive to make the complex simple and create efficiencies across technology, process and people.


To be agile and innovative in both our thinking and approach. 


Work collaboratively with all parties bringing openness and clarity to interactions.


Seek to gain insight through data and always apply learning to the decision-making process.

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