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Find the right job.

At the right company.

See the light when it comes to recruitment 

myKinverse is a fair and equal way in which you, the candidates, can present yourself to a company and be assessed objectively on potential, ability and company compatibility.  


Without Kinverse, 83% of candidates rate their experience as poor

Take comfort that everyone is assessed in the same manner on the same set of questions. There is no need to spend time tailoring a CV for each position.


Be confident that your details remain anonymous and that shortlist selection is based on the questions and not information that is discriminatory.


No more endlessly waiting for feedback that never arrives. Automatic notifications provide details on the status of the hiring process


Receive feedback on the demographic of candidates who have applied for the same role,  for example, the gender split that applied.   


Manage all your Kinverse job applications in one place. Once your personal profile is established, it is as simple as logging on and accessing the application.

Blind Application

You remain anonymous for longer, no identifiable information is provided to the hirer or employee until there is direct contact.


Your personal profile is secure, nothing identifying is shared. You can feel safe in providing your information and playing your part in the D&I discussion.


Answer each question honestly and your assessment will reflect your suitability for the role. Second-guessing will skew your assessment. It’s all in the science.


Your assessment forms the basis of your appraisals and training. A model of strengths and weaknesses that can help you shape your career objectives.

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