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Eliminate bias from selection.

Find the ideal candidate.



We've designed our platform to take anonymity right through to shortlisting. Candidates are evaluated on personality fit, skill-set required for the role and compatibility with the company.


A smooth, efficient and transparent process that gathers extensive but anonymous D&I, recruiting and employment data for invaluable and actionable insight across the entire piece.

Say hello to diversity with real bias-free shortlisting.

With Kinverse, you get a fully rounded and anonymous assessment of candidates, covering personality fit, key skill-sets vital to each role and company compatibility.

A genuinely anonymous assessment process, with all discriminatory factors removed. Candidates get benchmarked fairly and consistently. You get a comprehensive, tailored shortlist based on strengths, not bias.


Smooth the way with automation.  



Free up time and resources and let automated evaluation and benchmarking match candidates to your requirements.

A hands-off approach to pinpointing new talent. The shortlist of candidates is generated for you, so you can focus your time on the right people.

Make your mark with actionable insight.,

Demographic and D&I data direct from the candidates is combined with information on the effectiveness of each step of the recruitment process. 

With Kinsverse, delve into the hiring process, the make-up of the talent pool, where bias features in the process, your D&I standing, and even candidates' compensation and benefits expectations.

Only then will you have a powerful picture of candidates, the environment and the means to deliver change that really matters. 


Delight candidates with an amazing experience. 


Candidates are put at the heart of the recruitment process with Kinverse providing a seamless experience that keeps them in the driving seat, up to date and informed across the entire application process.


With Kinverse Attract candidates are able to present their true capabilities and not be judged unfairly. A win for all parties. 


Dynamic functionality delivering an awesome user experience.

Customisable Templates 

Access templates for the easy creation of job specs & candidate questionnaires.

Question Library

Use the library of pre-defined assessment questions to develop your company-specific set.

Deception Prevention

Second-guessing the answers will skew the assessment. It’s all in the science.

No Sifting Needed 

Effortlessly find the most suitable candidates based on best fit and not individual bias.

Visualise Candidates 

Easily compare & contrast candidates with a visual representation of skills & abilities. 

Structured Interviews

The candidate assessment report pinpoints focal areas for the interview stages.

Conveniently Comprehensive 

Create assessments, review candidates and access reporting all via your dashboard.

Safe & Secure 

Architecture and data security are safeguarded with all the latest controls in place. 

Intuitive to Use

Easy to use with step by step guidance across the platform for you and the candidate.

Flexible & Scalable

A platform to grow with you. Immediately increase licences from a single user to 100,000. 

Mobility Friendly

Optimised for all devices. Works on the go for you and your candidates. 

Seamless Integration 

Native integration with HR systems, eg your ATS, delivers a user-friendly experience.


Provide an excellent candidate experience that evaluates everyone fairly. Remove bias and improve the process so your EVP attracts the best and brightest.​​

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RPO's & MSP's

Extend your candidate pool, deliver consistency in evaluation, improve the candidate experience and enhance your client's EVP.​

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Get to the most suitable candidates faster, evaluate consistently, provide a great candidate experience, and impress your clients. 

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