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The definitive Audit and Assessment platform for the analysis of your talent.


To remove bias and level the playing field for all. Bringing equality and equity to every person in an organisation and create an environment of belonging.


Build a winning workforce with Kinverse, the single platform for identifying and fostering an inclusive environment by building a diverse and happy team. Our unique approach and pioneering tech provides efficiency, transparency and invaluable actionable insight at each point of your employees journey.


We simplify the complex so you can nurture your people, your environment and your business.


A diverse workforce generates


higher revenues

Ask fairly, not biasedly. 

Individuals are open to bias, conscious or unconscious. With our bias-free platform, identifying markers are removed. That means companies can focus on individual's, and people can always present their best selves anonymously, without fear of identification.

Recognise Inequality, Pinpoint Action. 


Recognising your organisations existing Diversity, whilst understanding the challenges of inclusion is essential.


We don't just give you stats on who is sitting at a desk, we hear directly rate from those within your organisation about how inclusive you are.  

Diversity as an outcome of Inclusivity .




Using Diversity data to try and recruit your way to a more balanced workforce, is a waste of time, resource, money and good will. 

If you do not focus on Inclusivity and create a sense of belonging,  those that join you will not stay. 

Truly understanding the "feeling" of your employees will give you the insight needed to make the right changes.

Make data your competitive advantage.

There's no question that information is power. It's the level and extent to which it can be used that makes the difference.

We give people the real picture. Our platform analytics provides the data to understand where bias and inefficiencies lie in the talent and employee processes and the means to fix it. 


"The value of a diverse team is its capacity to challenge the norm or group think, and thus boost organisational performance and improve decision making."

Yrthya Dinzey-Flores, Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity, Time Warner Inc.

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